What ideas will be the basis of your website? How will you make the decision on how to communicate with customers? How will you be in the right place at the right time to target the right customer? If any of these questions is important to you, strategy is what you need!

Content, communications or marketing strategiesContent, communications or marketing strategies

It's all about web content

Website content strategy

We develop web content strategy with careful consideration of what sections your website needs, what are the principles of their layout, what is the aim of each section, who are the target customers and what are the main keywords of each of the sections.

Basis of communication strategy

Do you know the personalities and characteristics of your customers like the back of your hand? To effectively communicate with them, you first need to define and describe the persona of your customer, identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and the winning keywords. This knowledge will serve as the basis for building insightful communication with your customers.

Content marketing strategy

Depending on the nature of your business, the industry in which it operates, the target audience and the business goals, we will help you to develop a content marketing strategy which will encourage your potential customers to search and to find you.

Our approachOur approach

What’s important?

01.Objectives and methods

A definition of the objectives is the core of an efficient and sustainable content or communications strategy. In line with the set targets, we will select and offer the most suitable methods for obtaining information on which the strategy will be based.
Core of success

02.Gathering information

We will carry out the SWOT and competitor analysis. We will develop buyer personas. We will analyze the statistics of your website or other communication channels. We will interview customers or survey-interested parties. We will analyze this information to come up with effective solutions.
The new beginning

03.Creating strategy

Based on the information acquired and collected, we will develop a web content or communications strategy, showing where, why and what type of web content you should create, how to interconnect the sections, communications channels etc. and the progress of the defined targets.

Our clientsOur clients

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