Writing & consulting for Horizon2020 space callsWriting & consulting for Horizon2020 space calls

Use our knowledge, experience and creativity to get funded

We are happy to share our expertise, knowledge and experience with your team to support your ideas and write an outstanding proposal that will have a great chance of being funded.



Image is very important. Your proposal has to look and feel professional. The right colours, formatting, logo, images, style – this changes everything. We at WIT Berry will help you create an outstanding look for your proposal.



Taking stakeholder knowledge into consideration when preparing the proposal and during the project is very important. We will manage your relations with stakeholders and help include them in your proposal in a convincing way.


Communication and dissemination

Communication and dissemination is our core business. You can be sure that we will create a winning communication and dissemination strategy for your project.


The crosscheck & details

We will help you polish your proposal so that it will have a great chance of being funded. No important details will be missed, and all the important aspects will be well developed.

How do we work?How do we work?


01.Creative solutions

We deliver new, creative solutions where possible so that your proposed work will stand out.

02.We pay attention to details

Details make all the difference. So we pay special attention to details because they could have a decisive role if you get funded.

03.We deliver

We are very proactive – if we spot an opportunity, we will notify you. If we promise to deliver a solution, you can be sure we will do it.<br />

Want to submit a project?

Whether you want to submit a project with us or hire us to write a proposal – contact us! linda@witberry.lv



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