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We help companies to reach their goals with smart digital communication

WIT Berry helps companies to efficiently reach their set targetsWIT Berry helps companies to efficiently reach their set targets

Our story

We have almost 10 years of experience in web content creating, concept and strategy development.

We are passionate

We are truly passionate about our work. Communication, the internet and ideas – that is our life. We love to and we are great at finding solutions where others pass them by or do not even imagine looking – and provide a sophisticated implementation.

We love what we do

Communication experts, much like e-commerce professionals, often choose to go deeper into their own field, almost forgetting about the other industries. Here, at “WIT Berry”, we have worked tirelessly to provide out clients our experience and competence-based advice in both of these areas.

WIT to be one step ahead

Our name – “WIT Berry” – is a combination of the English words “wit” and the juicy and colourful “berry”, which symbolises our creative approach to business. “WIT Berry” is a company that is focused on the growth and success of your business.

Our teamOur team

Fotosesija - vainagi


The CEO of the company, Linda, is interested in everything related to web content, concept and communication strategy development and has accumulated impressive knowledge she expertly uses in working with clients.

Linda has a Master’s degree in public relations. She has perfected her knowledge by studying both in the US and Belgium.

Linda has consulted companies on website concept development not only in Latvia, but also in the US, Norway, Belgium, and the United Kingdom.

In her spare time Linda travels, reads, learns French and Persian, enjoys sports, the sun, the sea and fresh air and loves to spend time with friends, family and interesting strangers.


Guna is a communication and marketing manager with more than 5 years of experience. She cherishes personalised communication on all levels: among colleagues, with clients, and between clients and their clients. In doing her job Guna always goes the extra mile to ensure the quality of the work.

In her free time, Guna loves to take walks and reconnect with nature. This gives her inspiration and lots of open space for new ideas and solutions.

Fotosesija - vainagi
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