Our approachOur approach

Know it, not guess it!


To know where we’re going, we need to know where we are. Before we offer you a solution, we do our due diligence on the industry, your company’s spot in it, your competitors and target audience, your company’s strengths, and other core parameters.
We offer, you choose


Creative approach to web content creation and overcoming client’s business challenges - we offer a variety of options and solutions for your company’s success. All you have to do is choose the best fit.
Pleasant cooperation


We care not only about the result, but also about pleasant cooperation which allows bringing it to the next level. Reaching your goals and keeping up positive communication is our top priority; therefore, we stick to the agreed deadlines and deliver what is promised.

What we stand for...

We stand for helpful, clean, easy-to-understand and targeted web content. Internet is overflowing with useless, low-quality, and even false information, plagiarism, and rushed content. We appreciate quality, rather than quantity. Let the content we have created help you and your customers achieve their goals, let it bring new knowledge and improve the quality of information exchange.

Our philosophy

We believe that everything is possible; any peak can be reached. However, the key to success is efficient work. We created “WIT Berry” to push promising and ambitious companies towards growth and increased revenue with the help of the vast opportunities offered by online communication.

Our task

In line with this philosophy, we have been helping our clients to implement successful, profitable communication strategies and campaigns for more than ten years. For us, a success can be only an activity followed by a positive result - company growth, increased profit or growth of brand popularity. Achieving these results is the main task of “WIT Berry”.

Solutions for your businessSolutions for your business

Do you need web content for your site? A witty idea for advertising? You've found the right place!

Web content

We specialise in web content creation. We gladly put our expertise towards creating web content and building successful online communication: web content for SEO, interesting blog posts, e-mail campaigns, press releases etc.


How can one create compelling content without first defining the audience who will look at it, what is the best way to reach this audience and what is the intended effect of this communication? This is where strategy comes in. We will research your company’s offers and the existing and potential customers and plan the most adept way of reaching them so that they would hear what you have to say and your online communication would be a success.

Horizon 2020 proposals

We are happy to share our expertise, knowledge and experience with your team to support your ideas and write an outstanding proposal that will have a great chance of being funded.. Use our knowledge, experience and creativity to get funded.
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