Website content, website concept or online communication auditWebsite content, website concept or online communication audit


Based on our experience and knowledge and with the help of a range of tools, methods and tests, we will audit your project. We will offer suggestions and ideas for improvement.

Website content audit

Based on your company’s target audience, business goals and SEO strategy, we will assess how the content of your website helps you to create a dialogue with your customers and to achieve the set goals.


Website concept audit

Is your website still being developed? This is the right time and your last opportunity to assess whether the current solution will achieve the set goals and what can be done to improve it.


Communication audit

Looking for a a breath of fresh air in your communication? Do you want to attract a new target group to your latest product? We will carry out a communications audit, assessing the progress and providing advice and fresh ideas for improving your communications.

How we auditHow we audit

Background information


For any audit, we will require background information about the previous work and achievements, as well as the desired results and any statistical data available to you. During the audit we are looking for answers to a variety of questions, for example, what is the current content of the site? Does it attract the right customers? Who do you want to reach with your web content? What business goals would it help to achieve?
Research and assessment


We conduct thorough research and analyse the situation based on the set criteria and your background information.
Conclusions, recommendations and ideas


After the completion of the audit we present the main conclusions and provide recommendations and solutions to improve the project.